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Updated 4.5.14

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Have NO FEAR! SuperRoOt is BACK! After waiting for the absolute, perfect moment to release the updated version of Rat Trap (with AppAd Team mobile advertising) it is a ground breaking event. Rat Trap had to drop OF for score tracking, which is why all of you had major issues with the app. But it is now good to go, mixed with Game Center, this will be a great thing. Also, look for more FREE versions with the same gameplay but different themes! No pop up ads! AppAd Team has their own way of advertising in apps. I, SuperRoOt am looking to get 5,000 downloads in the first week of the newly released update! Look for it in the iOS App Store!

All apps from SuperRoOtApps will be updated. Yes, even the absolute terrible ones I had made when I first started out. Assuming they are still compatible with the new iOS versions. If not, they will still be around for those using 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen iPod Touches or iPhones.

In other news:

Updated Party Pooper is coming! This will let you write and save your own sarcastic thoughts.

Check out the app reviews below, I can't believe I have not done one for almost 4 years, but better late than never. I will be adding a separate page to the site dedicated to other Devs apps. I will also be playing around with the idea of a mobile version of the site.

App Review: Glide


Developer: Glide Talk Ltd.

Category: Social Networking

So I was looking for something new to review. Figured I would try out Glide. Glide is a very slick app, where you can connect to almost any of your contacts and send them a video/text message all at the same time, instantly. And if your friend(s) is/are online they can send one right back. If not, they get the message when the get on the next time. In a world of apps and numerous companies pulling for the Brass Ring, Glide sticks out as a very unique style. I like it, I am sure you will too. Try it out! It receives the SRP Golden Choice Award! 5-Stars, keep up the good work Glide!

App Review: Arcade Bowling


Developer: Skyworks Interactive Inc.

Category: Games

This game is awesome. I was going to try and make my own skee-ball game, which is what it is, but there is no way I could ever come close to this app. This Dev or Team has definitely hit the bullseye 10 times over. For 99 cents you would be hard pressed to find even a strong competitor. I've been addicted to it for a week now, since I bought it. I give this a straight up 5-Stars - Highly Recommended. Awesome job Skyworks!

App Review: Eliminate Pro (SRP Golden Choice Award)


Developer: ngmoco inc.

Category: Games

Move over Unreal-Halo Tournaments...... This Eliminate Pro with Plus+ is destined to be the TOP FPS GAME! Oh, and right now its FREE! If you do not have this app, you must get it. If you are a Halo or Unreal Tournament fan this is a MUST HAVE! ngmoco KILLS it with this app. I have never been blown away by an app but this does it. To this Developer there is not a more dominate First-Person Shooter with tournament style playing. 5 - Big Stars***** and a SRP Golden Choice Award recipient.

Eliminate Pro App Store Link.

App Review: DOOM


Developer: id Software

Category: Games

What more can I say......Classic bad a$$ DOOM. id Software is awesome. I have not yet beaten the game but it is very fun to play. For a First-Person Shooter, they nailed this on just like they did with all of the DOOM versions out. Entusiastic 5-Stars......

App Review: Moron Test


Developer: DistinctDev

Category: Entertainment

Unless you have been living under the iPhone/iPod rock for the last few months no doubt you have this app or have seen it. At first, I was opposed to it. But now, I am slightly irritated that I am still a Bonehead. LOL It takes a lot of work but it is an awesome app. Lots of fun. 5-Stars. Good job on this app. It is really fun and frustrating at the same time. Which I like.

App Review: Pocket Tanks (SRP Golden Choice Award)


Developer: BlitWise Productions LLC.

Category: Games

There has been a lot of "Like" types of games turned into apps. But Pocket Tanks is one of the "SRP Golden Choice Awards" I have given out.

Anyway......The game has awesome looks and sounds. Very pleasing to play. They give you plenty of choices for you to pick. Colors, skill level and most important FREE Edition. Even if they bumped it to 99 cents this would sell. The deluxe version is for a bigger price. But all worth it if you are a fan of this game. Again....SRP Golden Choice Award Winner!!

App Review: OMG Zombies (SRP Golden Choice Award)


Developer: blackhivemedia:

Category: Games

This app is great fun for the Zombie fan! Doesn't need to be Halloween for an app like this. Try it out, it has plenty of action. This app is a recipient of the highest award, my thoughts anyway, the SRP Golden Choice Award Winner!!

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